Jody Claire Dickinson

J-Fest is more than just a music festival; it’s a celebration of life, using the power of music to create unforgettable connections and experiences. Our festival is dedicated to the memory of Jody, a remarkable and beautiful soul, whose love for music transcended all boundaries.

Her amazing passion for music and enjoying life to its absolute limits inspired us to create an event that champions accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that everyone can access the therapeutic power of music without facing unnecessary obstacles, all whilst keeping her memory alive.

This one’s for you Jody; your legacy will continue to shine brightly, with every note played, every smile shared, and every friendship made at J-Fest. Your name lives on in the hearts of those you touched, who couldn’t help but want to be your friend and in your life, and we will ensure that your love for music remains an everlasting symphony of inclusion.

J-FEST, Where we’ve removed the barriers to music!

In 2021, we said goodbye to an incredible shining light when we suddenly and without warning lost Jody. Although she faced severe difficulties in her 32 years, she never let them dampen her love of life, especially the magic of music and live performances. Her passion for bass and the joy of being surrounded by loved ones inspired us to create a festival that embodies her spirit, combining incredible music with inclusivity and accessibility

At J-Fest, we believe that music is therapy and that is has the power to connect people, regardless of their abilities. We are committed to breaking down barriers and creating an environment where everyone can experience the joy of music without restrictions. Our festival is designed to be fully accessible, ensuring that every individual, regardless of their mobility or sensory needs, can fully immerse themselves in the magic of the music.

With the support of our wonderful community, we have crafted an inclusive space where families, friends, and music lovers can come together to share the joy of live performances, just as Jody did with her loved ones. Our lineups of talented artists spans various genres, ensuring there is something for every musical taste.

In years to come, hopefully the only thing special about J-Fest will be the person who forced its creation; then we will know that we’ve done our job! Until then…

We are The Festival That’s Accessible, and it is all because of you Jody. x

We never wanted to be doing anything without you, but now we have to, so we’re doing it for you!