With a reputation for delivering high-energy live performances, the Dr Meaker Collective has graced stages at major festivals and events worldwide. Their infectious energy and authentic connection with the audience have garnered a loyal fan base, making each performance a truly unforgettable experience.

The Dr Meaker Collective draws inspiration from a diverse range of influences, including drum and bass, soul, funk, and reggae. Their signature sound weaves together powerful vocals, infectious rhythms, and irresistible melodies, leaving audiences mesmerised and craving for more.

Simply put – get ready to party!


NodStar isn’t just a name on the lineup; he’s the embodiment of the unforgettable moments we all come together to celebrate and that is why he is up here at the top! As the beloved brother-in-law (and if she had her way, Boyfriend) of Jody, he’s the DJ who takes the stage each year at J-Fest to create a magical experience that brings tears of joy and dancing feet to the floor as he brings the start of the DnB to the festival.

The Magic of NodStar – He Brings The Soundtrack of Jody’s Memories: NodStar takes us through the years with the Drum and Bass tracks that Jody adored and some new tunes he knows she would have loved. His set is a tribute to the melodies that resonated with her, echoing her spirit through every beat.  NodStar’s set is more than music; it’s a tribute to the beautiful soul we’ve lost, a reminder that her memory lives on in the music she cherished…It’s No Problem For Me, But It’s A Problem For You!


Led by the visionary producer and DJ Mista Trick, the Live Band takes his innovative and genre-blending creations to new heights. Blurring the lines between electronic music, swing, jazz, hip-hop, and more, the Live Band reinterprets Mista Trick’s iconic tracks and remixes with a fresh and exhilarating live experience.

With a powerhouse lineup of talented musicians, vocalists, and performers, the Mista Trick Live Band creates a one-of-a-kind fusion of vintage sounds and contemporary beats. From the infectious energy of the horn section to the soul-stirring vocals, each performance is an immersive journey through time and musical styles.


Dakka Skanks infuse their music with a blend of ska, reggae, punk, and rock influences, creating a high-energy fusion that’s impossible to resist. With their upbeat rhythms, catchy melodies, and socially conscious lyrics, they bring a fresh and contemporary twist to the classic ska genre.

Fronted by a stunningly powerful vocalists and backed by a talented ensemble of musicians, Dakka Skanks’ live shows are a celebration of music and unity. Their performances are a whirlwind of skanking rhythms, sing-along choruses, and a vibrant stage presence that commands the audience’s attention and keeps them moving from start to finish.


David Boomah will forever be part of the J-FEST Family and we are so privileged for him to be joining us as part of his “One World Many Cultures” 10th Anniversary Tour!

David Boomah and Jody shared a special connection and mutual admiration; music has a wonderful way of bringing people together, fostering meaningful relationships and creating moments that last a lifetime and these two are testiment to that.

Boomah’s live performances are a testament to his captivating stage presence and his ability to connect with audiences. His dynamic performances effortlessly traverse genres, capturing the essence of both reggae’s soulful melodies and drum and bass’s energetic beats.


A skilled master in the synergies of Soul on Reggae, with elements of Ragga Hip-hop and Ska, Zen Lewis will have you all dreaming of the most peaceful soulful world possible whilst dancing your happy feet off.

Prepare to be moved by the soulful melodies and expressive vocals of Zen Lewis; welcome to a world where music becomes a conduit for emotions and experiences, where each note carries a piece of Zen’s heart!


The AutistiX’s music transcends genres, encompassing elements of rock, pop, and various other styles. Their original compositions and renditions of well-known songs are not only a feast for the ears but also a powerful testament to the transformative impact of music.

Beyond their musical prowess, The AutistiX also aim to foster a sense of community and empowerment. They inspire others on the autism spectrum to embrace their passions, build self-confidence, and pursue their dreams, demonstrating that no challenge is too great to overcome. They are however not an Autistic band, they’re a great band with Autistic members!


The driving forces behind Deaf Rave, an electrifying movement that brings the joy of music to the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Through their dynamic performances and inclusive events, they create a space where sound and rhythm are felt, seen, and celebrated by all.

DJ China Man, known for his exceptional DJ skills, collaborates with MC Geezer, a charismatic and talented rapper, to deliver an immersive musical experience that transcends auditory boundaries. Their performances are a fusion of pulsating beats, vivid visuals, and expressive sign language, ensuring that everyone, regardless of hearing ability, can connect with the music.


Dope Ammo’s music is a blend of nostalgia and innovation, often incorporating samples and influences from classic tracks while giving them a fresh and contemporary twist. Their production skills have earned them recognition and respect within the drum and bass community, and their tracks are regular fixtures in sets by DJs worldwide.

Beyond the studio, Dope Ammo’s live performances are a testament to their ability to ignite dance floors and keep crowds moving. With an infectious energy that’s impossible to resist, they create an atmosphere that’s equal parts exhilarating and immersive.


One of Oxfordshire’s Finest!

Katalyst brings to the table a unique passion for music that sets her apart from many. There are those who consume music voraciously and then there are those like Katalyst who find their true expression through creating music itself and playing it to the masses.

Expect Katalyst to transport you into the depths of underground techy vibes, infused with the essence of ragga and jungle sounds. Meticulous mixing and signature double drops make her sets a dominating force on any dancefloor or field and she is set to bring everyone out!


Get ready to journey back in time to the golden era of rock music with the electrifying Rock of Ages. Paying homage to the greatest rock anthems and iconic bands that defined generations, Wantage’s premier rock covers band bring the energy, passion, and timeless tunes that will have you rocking out like never before.


You might think you know what you’re getting; you don’t, in-fact we’re not even sure, we just know it will be amazing! 

In 2013 we were lucky enough to meet the wonderful Dom at Wilderness Festival and it’s fair to say not only did we make a friend for life, but Jody very much changed his life.

Not only will be be bringing you the finest set, but you can also find him in the DJ workshop.


Is he an MC? Is he a DJ? He is whatever he wants to be and both for us!

TicTac has been a member of the J-Fest Family long before J-Fest needed to be in existence. Festival Friend, Raving Crew, one time Rollerskating Buddy (there are pictures somewhere) and general sidekick, they shared a lot of love.

DJ TicTac takes to the stage with a set full of who knows what; literally ,we just give him the decks with no knowledge of what he’s playing as we know it will be a banger whatever he’s got with him.

Then later on in the day he is back, to host and support Nodstar with Jody’s memorial set. It wouldn’t be the same without TicTac and in all honesty, back in 2021, it was him that got Nodstar though the most emotional set of his life!

He is not to be missed, the boy has skills! 

True F’RMS

You might not catch them performing as a collective all the time these days as they’re so busy with their individual projects, but having been with us since the beginning of J-Fest (and before), the True F’RMS boys are together and ready to party!

Swyndla, DJ Magnum, Ricky D and Flex will be closing J-Fest 2023 with a bang, make sure to be there until the very end.


You might have heard him playing DnB before, you might have heard him playing house, but for us he is our 90’s knight in shining armour!

Going back in time Damo will 100% have you on your feet dancing like its 1999.

Not only is he on the BeatBop Stage but Damo is also running the Silent Disco which has it’s own amazing lineup as well.


What else would you be doing in the early hours of the morning other than getting your knitting needles and wool out right? WRONG! These three will be smashing out the best in Filthy Breaks, Jungle, DnB & 4×4 and we cannot wait. 


Rapper Aikz is Oxfordshire’s fastest rising HipHop creation and we are so excited to have him with us. With razor-sharp lyricism, a captivating stage presence, and a passion for storytelling through beats and rhymes, Aikz is making waves as the region’s freshest MC.