Accessible DJ Workshop

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to experience the excitement of DJ’ing, regardless of their age or ability. Whether you’re a seasoned music enthusiast or a curious beginner, this workshop is designed to be fully inclusive and open to all, no matter your physical limitations.

Our Accessible DJ Workshop is not just about learning technical skills; it’s about embracing the joy of music and self-expression. Participants will be able to learn and show off their new DJ’ing talents in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Our team of experienced DJs are not just passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with participants of all ages, the leaders of the workshop are all playing at the festival so you can watch and learn from these amazing artists!

Here you can see exactly why our Accessible DJ Workshops are so important – music really is therapy and look at how much joy Kayleigh is getting from making her own music!

Live Street Art Displays & Tutorials

We bring the streets to life with an explosion of colours, creativity, and inspiration. Witness talented street artists transform blank canvases into mesmerising masterpieces, right before your eyes. We firmly believe that art should be for everyone, regardless of ability. That’s why our amazing artists have curated “have a go” canvases that are fully inclusive and open to all. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just exploring your creativity for the first time, there’s a spray can waiting for you. Our Artists are phenomenal at what they do and you will be in awe of the beauty that is created

Accessible Aerial Acrobatics Displays and Interactive Fun

We are so proud to showcase the incredible talents and resilience of our aerial acrobats, who defy expectations and soar to incredible heights despite their varying (dis)abilities. Prepare to be captivated by their grace and talent as they take flight and perform mesmerising feats high above the ground. But that’s not all, our commitment to accessibility means that everyone can be a part of the action.

The incredible team at Afreaka Aerials have put together the most amazing video showing what wonderful work they do and how much joy and freedom is experienced by their Accessible Aerial Acrobatics…

Low Noise Pyromusical from Illusion Fireworks

You may not know it, but our beloved Jody had a special place in her heart for Drum and Bass music. While J-Fest offers an incredibly eclectic musical lineup, we couldn’t resist honouring Jody’s passion by requesting the talented boys at Illusion Fireworks set their stunning display to one of her favourite Drum and Bass tracks!

Prepare to feel the energy rising inside you as the rhythmic beats of Drum and Bass take centre stage, igniting the night with a pyrotechnic symphony like no other. The sky will burst into life, painting vibrant colours that move in perfect sync with the dynamic tempo of the music. Each explosion of light will dance in harmony with the pulsating basslines, leaving you in awe of the spectacle before your eyes.

At J-Fest, we take pride in our low-noise approach, ensuring that the focus remains on the thrilling music and the mesmerising beauty of the pyrotechnics. You cannot completely remove the noise from fireworks, but by minimising overpowering noises, we create an inclusive event that allows everyone to fully immerse themselves in the experience without any discomfort.

You can see Summer enjoying the BRILLIANT Low Noise Pyro Musical display at J-Fest 2022. Fireworks are beautiful and create such happiness but the loud booms can be incredibly unnerving – by using low noise fireworks and having them set to music we make the experience as appealing as possible to everyone.

Accessible Climbing Wall

Welcome to a world where climbing is for everyone. Let the spirit of adventure and the joy of overcoming challenges inspire you as you scale our accessible climbing wall.

Our experienced and friendly staff are trained to assist climbers with diverse needs, ensuring that everyone can participate and feel safe throughout their climbing experience. We offer adaptive equipment and support systems that make climbing possible for those with even the most challenging abilities.

Kyley and her amazing 90 year old Grandfather scaling the climbing wall at J-FEST 2023. Yes, this is going at 1.5 speed, they’re not that quick!

Silent Disco

Get Ready to Groove at Damo G’s Silent Disco!

Get ready for a musical battle like no other as our DJs go back2back in the silent disco! 🎉🎧 With wireless headphones, you control the vibe. Switch between DJs and choose the beats that move you. With a lineup of amazing DJ’s playing a real mix including Sounds of the 70’s , Electro Swing, Trance, Jungle, Garage and so much more; you wont know which channel to be switching to!

Music Therapy

Our very talented singer / songwriter / guitarist / musical leader Sarah, who also happens to be Autistic, creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, inviting individuals of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to join in the magic of music. The therapeutic benefits of music are well-known, and Sarah’s sessions aim to harness the power of music to promote emotional well-being, communication, and social interaction.

Sensory Chill Out Zone

We understand that festivals can be exhilarating and exiting but overwhelming for some. That’s why we’ve created the Sensory Chill Out Zone, a dedicated space where festival-goers can take a break, recharge, and find peace amidst the sensory stimulation.

Step into this oasis of calm, where gentle lighting, comfortable seating, and soothing sounds create a serene ambiance.

Whether you’re looking for a moment of relaxation or need a break from the crowds, our zone welcomes you with open arms. Take a deep breath, let go of the outside world, and immerse yourself in a multi-sensory experience that nourishes the mind, body, and soul.

Festival Glitter, Tattoos and Hair

Glitter takes centre stage, sparkling like stardust on your skin. Whether you want to unleash your inner unicorn, embrace cosmic vibes, or simply add a touch of glam, our glitter experts are here to make it happen. From subtle highlights to bold and extravagant colours, small temporary tattoos, or full sleeves, the results are always dazzling.

And let’s not forget about hair, the crown of your festival look! Our hairstylists are masters of transformation, turning ordinary locks into colourful masterpieces. From bold braids to funky colours and everything in between, your hair will be the ultimate fashion statement.

Craft Corner

In our Craft Zone, children and adults alike have the opportunity to make new friends and share the excitement of creating something special. It’s a place where little artists can proudly display their masterpieces and take home wonderful memories of the festival.

Parents and carers can also join in on the fun, creating beautiful memories as they bond over shared creativity. Our Craft Zone is a space where families come together to celebrate the magic of imagination and the joy of crafting.